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Got a secret?

Can you keep it? Ugh. So after a customer told me that I look like Mona from Pretty Little Liars (I don't see it) I checked out the show. Even though I wasn't throughly impressed with the first episode, I was hooked.... And I'm still hooked. Gosh, this show has so...

Coffee wallets!

Have you seen Matt's blog where he made these super sweet coffee wallets out of used coffee bags? If not, don't worry because he's made some better looking ones than this one. I'm hoping that I can sew one up myself. I grabbed some already used bags so I think...

Power Anthem

I have no idea what it is about this song, but it's currently my power anthem. I defiantly get up listen to this song in the morning and it just gets my day going. I thought I would share. Here you go, listen and be merry!

Precious little faces

About 2 years ago Matt and I went to Austin to help out his sisters dog rescue at Puppy Mill Awareness day. It was a neat event talking about rescuing dogs and not purchasing them. They had tons of different dog breeds there. Now I have cat, well she's with my mom...

Poll time!

I really want a pair of everyday earrings but I honestly can't decide. I have asked for some insight and it's pretty much tied, so I need your help. Which one do you like? Or seem more like me? I think this will help me make a decision on which ones to get. Thanks in...

The worst

Matt is literally the worst at taking pictures at times. Sometimes I feel super cute or think I look cute and I try to take a picture with Matt and this is what I get. It's the worst. He ruins all my...


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