Since Matt and I are doing this blogging thing at the same time, he thought it would be great idea to do something specific on Fridays. Which is great for me because I’m sure I’m going to have some trouble trying to find things to blog about. He suggested that we would do Favorite App Friday. Yay! So once a week I’ll get to tell you about the app that I’m addicted to!

Currently my addition is Dragonvale!

It’s an iOS and Android app created by Backflip studios. The game consists of you breeding and raising dragons. Currently there is 208 dragons that you can collect by breeding different dragons together. I have only 69 now but I am working on the rest. Your island that you have is pretty customizable, you can add trees, pathways, lights flowers, and even shrines for the dragons. You can also race and send your dragons on quests, but not until you get to a certain level. During certain parts of the year only certain special dragons are available and during other parts of the year, for example Christmas time, you are given special limited edition dragons that are only available during this time.

One of my coworkers asked me to started playing it with her and I just got hooked. I got so into the game I asked Matt to play with me and I feel like he’s pretty much into the game too, I mean he’s a level 21 so I guess you could say he kinda likes it 😛
So tell me, do you have a favorite app or game that you’re currently into? Let me know, if it sounds interesting I may check it out!