Did you start a resolution to eat healthy? Or a resolution to work out? Do you want to get paid for it? Then Pact is the app for you! It rewards you with cash for being healthy. In the app you make a pact, or commitment, for a different category. You can make a veggie pact, a work out pact, or a food logging pact. For the veggie pact, you make a commitment of how many fruits and veggies you’ll eat and then wager money for how many veggies you missed. If you don’t miss any of your veggies then you get the money from the people who did miss them.


Miss your veggies and you face paying the money you wagered. The same goes for the food logging and workout, you commit to how many days you’ll workout or log your food per week and wager money; miss and pay the consequence or come out victorious.


I started using Pact back in July, and I know I haven’t earned much, but honestly the feeling of being rewarded with money makes me actually want to get up and go for a walk, or to the gym, or to not miss my kickboxing class! I think starting in February I’ll also do the veggie pact so I can earn more money.